How Do You Make a Sword in "Minecraft"?

How Do You Make a Sword in "Minecraft"?

Create a sword in the PC version of "Minecraft" by placing one stick in a crafting table and two blocks of harder materials on top of the stick. Kill animals, mobs and other players with swords, and block attacks with the same weapon to defend yourself.

  1. Craft sticks

    Make sticks by placing any variety of raw wood in a crafting area to make four wood planks per block. Place two wood planks on top of each other in the crafting area to make four sticks each.

  2. Gather your materials

    Make your sword out of two blocks of wood, stone, gold, iron or diamonds. Your wood swords need planks, whereas stone swords require cobblestone blocks. Create gold and iron swords from ingots. Make a diamond sword from two diamond gems.

  3. Craft the sword

    Place materials in the two blocks directly above the stick in the crafting area. One stick and two blocks of material make one sword. Craft up to 64 swords at one time, and store the weapons in a chest within your inventory or on a stand.

  4. Carry a backup or two

    Have two backup swords with you in case your primary weapon breaks. Do not carry too many swords with your inventory, especially if they are made of diamonds, in case your character dies and you cannot retrieve your items quickly after respawning.