How Do You Make a Swimsuit?

How Do You Make a Swimsuit?

To make a swimsuit, use your own underwear as template for cutting the pattern pieces. Extend the straps and the sides to allow the swimsuit to be secured with knots instead of sewing. You can complete this project with 1 yard of swimsuit fabric.

  1. Measure the pattern pieces

    Fold the fabric in half, and fold one of your own bras and panties in half. Cut the seams of the underwear before folding it the long way. Align the folds of the bra and panties along the fabric fold. Trace around the undergarments, and add a generous allowance since the fabric curls. Extend the side seams of the underwear by several inches to add length for tying. Continue the lines of the strap and the side of the bra, so they can also be tied at the neck and around the back, respectively.

  2. Cut out the fabric

    Fold a piece of contrasting fabric in half. Pin this fabric underneath the first, and cut out the pattern pieces.

  3. Tie on the swimsuit

    Unfold the pattern pieces. Lay one bra top piece over the other, and twist the two pieces at the center a couple of times. Place the top on your chest, twist the straps, and knot them behind the neck and back. Lay out the two bottom pieces, twist the sides, and knot them at the hips.