How Do You Make a Sweet 16 Corsage With Sugar Cubes?

You can make a sweet 16 sugar cube corsage with ribbon, 16 sugar cubes, floral tape, wire and a corsage pin. For tools, you need a hot glue gun and scissors. You can also add flowers to the corsage if desired.

  1. Prepare the sugar cubes

    Prepare each sugar cube to attach to the corsage. Cut a 5-inch piece of wire for each sugar cube. Put a small dot of hot glue on the end of a wire, and press that end into the sugar cube. Repeat this process so that each sugar cube is attached to a wire.

  2. Prepare other corsage elements

    If you want to use flowers in your corsage, cut two 5-inch pieces of wire for each flower. Insert the wires through the base of each flower in an X-formation, and bend the wires together away from the flower to make a stem. Starting at the base of the flower, wrap the stem with floral tape until all of the wire is covered.

  3. Put the corsage together

    Gather the sugar cubes and other corsage pieces, and make an attractive arrangement. Hold the stems together, and gently adjust heights and angles until you have the look you want. When you are ready to attach the pieces, start with a few of them from the center. Begin wrapping the stems with floral tape, and add more pieces as you go. You can also add a few dots of hot glue for extra security. Once all of the items are attached, wrap the entire stem with another layer of floral tape, and trim the stem to approximately 2 inches. Attach a length of ribbon to the back of the arrangement, and wrap the ribbon down the stem. Wrap the ribbon back up the stem, and secure the end in the back. You can tie or glue on a bow if you desire. Put a corsage pin in the side of the wrapped stem to attach the arrangement on a gown.