How Do You Make a Swag Valance?

To make a swag valance, select a piece of fabric, drape it over a curtain rod, fasten it to the curtain rod and leave enough length for a cascade on both sides of your window. Adjust the swag to your desired depth and chosen fold pattern. Finally, finish the ends of the fabric.

  1. Select your fabric

    Use a fabric that looks good on both sides. Reversible fabric is a good choice, but it is not necessary. Select a fabric that coordinates with the style and color in the rest of your room furnishings.

  2. Measure your window

    Measure the width of your window, and use at least triple that number. Measure how long you want your cascades, or side pieces, down the window to be, and add that to your number. Be generous with purchasing the fabric so that you can adjust as necessary.

  3. Drape your fabric over the curtain rod

    Center your fabric to the middle of the curtain rod, and drape it evenly on the rod. Gather the fabric into a deep swag, pulling it further into the middle. Make any adjustments you want, and once the swag looks the way you want it to, tie it to the rod with string. Cut the fabric to length for the cascades on both sides of the window. If desired, use pins to mark where your valance sits on the rod.

  4. Remove your valance from the rod

    Remove your material from the curtain rod. Hem the fabric on both sides to prevent fraying and to give the valance a finished look.

  5. Put your valance up on the rod again

    Place your finished valance up on the rod again, adjusting the swag as desired. Adjust the cascades. Attach your valance to the rod with some clear nylon thread if necessary so that it stays in place.