How Do You Make a "super Energy Potion" in RuneScape?

How Do You Make a "super Energy Potion" in RuneScape?

Super energy potions are only available in Old School Runescape, the version that emulates the Runescape world of 2007. In this version of the game, you need a Herblore level of 52 and a couple of ingredients to mix the potion.

  1. Obtain Avantoe

    Avantoe is obtained through random drops by monsters, but requires a Herblore skill of at least 48 to identify. If you have a farming skill of 50, it is also obtained by planting an Avantoe seed in an herb patch. Avantoe seeds are dropped by monsters or pickpocketed from Master Farmers.

  2. Obtain Mort Myre fungus

    Cast Bloom near dead logs in the Mort Myre Swamp. There is a random chance for it to appear on the logs each time Bloom is cast. The player needs the Blessed Silver Sickle to harvest it. Both the Bloom spell and the Blessed Silver Sickle are obtained during the Nature Spirit quest given by Drezel near the River Salve. This item is also dropped by the mutated zygomites in the swamp.

  3. Mix the potion

    A vial of water is needed to combine the two ingredients, as well as a Herblore level of at least 52. Once created the Super Energy potion recovers run energy.