How Do You Make Sun Catchers?


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To make sun catchers, cut two contact paper sheets into the desired shape, remove the backing from one of the sheets and then decorate its adhesive surface with colored tissue paper pieces. Stick the second contact paper sheet over first one, and use a piece of ribbon for hanging the sun catcher.

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Begin making a sun catcher by joining two contact paper sheets using a paper clip. Draw the desired shape on one of the sheets, and cut both the sheets together along the outline drawn using scissors.

Remove the backing from one cut sheet, and lay it on a working area with its adhesive-side facing upwards. Take several colored tissue papers, and tear them into pieces measuring approximately 1-by-1 inch. Place the tissue paper pieces on the sticky side of the cut contact sheet. Cut the pieces to be placed on the edges of the contact sheet carefully.

take off the backing from the second cut contact sheet, and apply it carefully over the sheet decorated with tissue paper. Next, make a hole around 1/2 inch from the top edge of the sun catcher using a hole punch, insert a ribbon of the desired color and of a suitable length through it, and knot the ribbon's ends.

Hang the sun catcher using a hook or suction cup.

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