How Do You Make a Structure Out of Toothpicks?

How Do You Make a Structure Out of Toothpicks?

How Do You Make a Structure Out of Toothpicks?

Making a structure out of toothpicks can be an entertaining way to practice some basic architecture and design your own models. To build toothpick structures you need toothpicks and some kind of glue or other material to affix them. Depending on how complicated your structure is, the process can take anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours.

  1. Plan your structure

    Sketch the basic layout of your structure. Consider how and where it needs to be supported. Try to include lattice structures instead of free-standing lines wherever possible.

  2. Create your foundation

    Start from the bottom. Create polygons out of toothpicks that are connected to each other and will lay flat your work surface. Test that you can secure toothpicks at the vertices and have them point up. Make sure these first pieces are strong enough to support others. If you are using glue, allow it to dry before proceeding. If you are using clay or candy items like gumdrops, no drying time is necessary.

  3. Build triangles and squares

    Build upward from your base. Create new triangles with added toothpicks whenever possible; otherwise, form squares and other polygons, making sure that each new toothpick is affixed in at least two places. Secure each new intersection between toothpicks before building on them. Continue until you have finished your structure, allowing drying time as needed.