How Do You Make String Puppets?

How Do You Make String Puppets?

Make a string puppet by threading fishing line through straws that make up the limbs of the puppet. This takes less than 30 minutes. You need straws, fishing line, scissors, a hole punch and tape.

  1. Punch holes in the straws

    Cut the straws to the desired length of the arms. Punch holes or notch the straws so that the arms and legs of the puppet can bend. The more notches you make, the more the limbs bend. If you want the arms and legs to move more realistically, make notches on the same side of the straw for the elbows and the knees.

  2. Thread the fishing wire through the straws

    Cut a length of fishing line that is at least three times as long as the limb. Thread it through one end of the straw and out of the other. Repeat the process for all the limbs. At the end of the straw where the hands and feet are, bend the last inch of the string on the outside of the straw, and tape it down.

  3. Make the body

    Cut another straw for the torso of the puppet. Thread the extra length of fishing wire from the limbs through the torso straw. Squeeze the ends of the limbs into the top of the torso straw. This wire allows the arms legs to bend as you pull it.

  4. Make the head

    Finish your puppet by adding a head made from paper glued to a toothpick or crafting stick that is taped to the top of the torso straw.