How Do You Make Strawberry Pie Moonshine?


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Make strawberry pie or strawberry-infused moonshine by placing clean, stemless strawberries cut into thin slices in a mason jar and adding vodka, Everclear or moonshine. Allow the mixture to stand for four weeks, remove the strawberries and add a boiling mixture of 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to the moonshine after it has cooled. Use this simple syrup or glycerine to sweeten the concoction.

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The berries used for strawberry pie moonshine should be clean and sliced thinly before adding to the mason jar. After the four-week settling period, the strawberries can be removed easily by straining the berries through a cheese cloth. The moonshine should be immediately rebottled after removing the strawberries to maintain the flavor. Additional pie flavors such as apple, lemon, orange or cranberry require the same process with the use of a fruit of the creator's choice to infuse the moonshine, vodka or Everclear for the first four weeks.

The simple syrup recipe or the addition of glycerine helps to thicken and smooth out the moonshine after the flavor has been infused during the settling period. Some people opt to add additional flavors to the strawberry-infused beverage such as an orange or lemon zest, a lime or vanilla beans.

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