How Do You Make a Stick Horse?


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To make a stick horse, stuff a sock with cotton or other filling, tie the end of the sock around the top of a stick, and attach fabric ears. Also add button eyes, a yarn mane and a fabric halter to complete the toy.

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Find a sturdy stick that is approximately the height of your child, and cut off any twigs or branches. Cut a notch 8 inches from the top, and tie some fabric and stuffing on the end to avoid poking a hole in the horse head. Make the head by filling a sock of your desired color with your stuffing of choice, forming the end of the sock as the snout and the heel as the back of the head. Slip the stuffed sock over the stick, and use twine or hot glue to attach the edge of the sock to the notch of the stick.

Cut pieces of felt or two triangular fabric pieces sewn together for the ears, and sew them onto the sock horse head. Sew on the button eyes, and form a halter with one fabric strip around the snout, one around the head and two pieces to hold them together. Cut a long strip to use as the reins. Cut yarn into pieces of equal length, and poke a hole at the top of the horse's head to draw the yarn through halfway. Repeat the process down the neck to form the mane.

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