How Do You Make Stepping Stone Molds?

How Do You Make Stepping Stone Molds?

Make a simple stepping stone mold out of an aluminum pie pan. Arrange mosaic pieces in the pan, place contact paper over the pieces, and add cement. The time required for this project depends on how many stepping stones you want to make. You need a number of pie pans, mosaic pieces, contact paper and cement.

  1. Arrange mosaic pieces

    Place the pie pan on a flat surface. Arrange the mosaic tiles in the bottom of the pan the way that you want them to look on the stepping stone.

  2. Add the contact paper

    Cut a piece of contact paper in a circle that fits on the bottom of the pie pan. Peel off the back of the contact paper, and place it sticky side down on the mosaic pieces. Press down firmly on the mosaic pieces so that they are attached firmly to the paper. Turn the contact paper and mosaic pieces over so that the contact paper is now on the bottom of the pan and the mosaic pieces are upside down on top of it.

  3. Pour the cement

    Prepare the cement, and pour it into the mold. Wait for the cement to dry before popping the stepping stone out. Finish by peeling the contact paper off the top of the stone.