How Do You Make Stars Out of Different Materials?


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Make stars using a cardboard cut-out wrapped with twine. Alternatively, you can make a strand of stars with paper and string or create one by using fabric and stuffing.

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To make a star using twine, draw or trace a large star shape on a piece of sturdy cardboard. Cut out the center of the star, leaving the edges fairly wide. Glue the end of a long piece of twine to a point on the star and begin to wrap it around the cut-out tightly. Apply glue to the cardboard as you wrap to secure the twine in place until the entire star is covered with twine.

To make a strand of stars, draw or trace several stars onto paper. Any type of paper can be used. The stars can all be the same size or of varying sizes, depending on your preference. Cut them out and attach them to a length of string by folding the tip of each star over the string and gluing it down. Leave enough string at the end to hang the strand. You can also make a star by filling two pieces of star-shaped fabric with stuffing and sewing the edges together. Use large pieces to make a pillow.

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