How Do You Make a Starburst Bracelet?

How Do You Make a Starburst Bracelet?

To make a starburst bracelet, loop white elastics onto the edges of the loom, and create star patterns with the colors. Rotate the loom, and loop the elastics from the center out. Add a white elastic to the top, remove the bracelet, and attach a clip to the top.

  1. Organize your materials

    To create the starburst bracelet, you need 27 white, six red, six orange, six yellow, six green, six blue and six purple elastics. Get a clip for the end. Place the loom so that the arrow points up.

  2. Place the white elastics

    Start on the bottom-center peg of the loom. Stretch a white elastic across two pegs on the right side. Overlapping the bottom of the elastic with the top, keep stretching white elastics along the right side until you reach the top center peg. Repeat this process on the left.

  3. Place the red elastics

    Consider the bottom seven pegs as a six-pronged star circling the center peg. Starting from the top-right prong of the star, stretch a red elastic to the center peg. Work clockwise, stretching a red elastic from each prong to the center until you have six elastics creating the star.

  4. Place the orange elastics

    Consider the next six-pronged star with the bottom prong overlapping the top prong of the red star. Start again with the top-right prong, and stretch a orange elastic to the center. Continue working clockwise until you have all six orange elastics placed in a star.

  5. Place the other colors

    Continue this process of overlapping the stars with the elastics in the following order: yellow, green, blue, then purple.

  6. Add white to the centers

    Double a white elastic, and place it on the center peg of the red star. Repeat this procedure for all the stars. Add a doubled white elastic to the top center peg.

  7. Loop the purple elastic over

    Turn the loom so the arrow is pointing down. Use the loom hook to go through the doubled white elastic at the bottom to catch the purple elastic. Pull this through, and loop it over the center peg.

  8. Loop the purple elastics from the center out

    Use the loom hook to take hold of a purple elastic in the center. Pull it through all the elastics, and loop it over to the bottom right prong of the star. Pull another out of the center, and loop it over the top-right prong. Continue working in a counterclockwise direction until all the purple elastics are looped to the outside.

  9. Loop the blue elastics

    Use the loom hook to pull the blue elastic through the purple at the bottom of the blue star. Loop it to the center. Working counterclockwise, loop the rest of the blue elastics from the center to the outside prongs. Start with the bottom-right prong.

  10. Loop the rest of the colors

    Follow the procedure for the blue elastics for the rest of the colors.

  11. Loop the white elastics

    Start at the bottom-middle peg. Loop the white elastic up one peg all along the right. Repeat the procedure on the left.

  12. Add a white elastic

    Push the loom hook through all the elastics on the top peg. Place a white elastic on the hook, and pull it halfway through the elastics. Loop the other end over the hook. Pull both up onto the handle of the tool.

  13. Pull the elastics off the loom

    Using the white elastic on the loom hook, carefully pull the bracelet off of the loom.

  14. Attach the clip

    Attach the clip to the end of the last white elastic. Remove the loom hook.