How Do You Make a Star With Paper?


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To make a paper star, cut a narrow strip of paper, tie a knot near one end, fold the ends over the knot and push in the sides of the resulting pentagon. This creates a thick, five-pointed star shape.

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Begin by cutting a paper strip that's approximately 1/3 inch wide and as long as the width of the paper sheet, using a ruler to get a straight cut. Cross the ends of the strip, and pull one end through the loop to create a simple knot near the end without twisting the paper. Gently tighten the knot to create a pentagon shape. Fold the short end over the pentagon, cutting off any excess. Fold the long end over the short end, following the folds and edges to wrap it around the shape.

Tuck the loose end of the long strip into a fold, cutting off excess paper, if necessary. Pinch the corners while pushing in the pentagon edges to create the star points while puffing up the paper shape. Make a large number of paper stars to fill a jar, or use them as confetti. Also consider stringing them together with a needle and thread to create a garland. For added decorative appeal, use colored paper or old strips of wrapping paper to form the stars.

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