How Do You Make a Spiral Lanyard?

How Do You Make a Spiral Lanyard?

To make a spiral lanyard, you need two pieces of craft lace or string, preferably of different colors. This process takes only a few minutes and involves rolling and weaving the craft strings over one another.

  1. Prepare the strings

    Place one string on top of the other perpendicularly, with the vertical string sitting under the horizontal one.

  2. Roll the bottom string

    Take the bottom edge of the vertical string and bring it over and under the horizontal string twice, producing two rolls over the horizontal string. Hold the lanyard where the horizontal string meets the rolls to keep it in place.

  3. Weave the horizontal string into the rolls

    Bring the left side of the horizontal string over the first roll, then under the second roll to the right in a diagonal direction. Do the same with the right side of the string, this time going to the left. Pull tightly.

  4. Turn the lanyard and weave again

    Rotate the lanyard so the original horizontal string is now in the vertical position, then repeat the rolling and weaving. Maintain a diagonal direction when weaving to get the spiral look. Repeat this step until all the string is used up.

  5. Finish the lanyard

    Seal the end with a bit of glue and trim any excess string.