How Do You Make a Sock Monkey?

How Do You Make a Sock Monkey?

To make a sock monkey, cut out, stuff and sew limbs and a body from a pair of socks. Use one sock to make the body and the other to create the limbs.

To make a sock monkey, run through the following steps.

  1. Prepare the socks
  2. Turn the socks inside out and lay them out on a flat surface. Lay one sock out with the heel facing upwards and the other sideways with the heel facing sideways.

  3. Create the body
  4. Mark a line down the center of the top of the sock with the heel facing upward. Stop the line at the heel. Sew down either side of the line with a sewing machine and sew rounded edges at the ends of the seams. Cut down the line and turn the sock right side out. Stuff the sock with polyester stuffing through the space between the legs and slipstitch it closed.

  5. Make the limbs
  6. Cut out the arms, tail and ears from the remaining sock. Cut out the heel of the sock for the mouth. Sew each of the limbs with the right sides together and turn right side out. Stuff the limbs.

  7. Stitch the limbs to the body
  8. Slip stitch the limbs onto the body. Turn the edges under the mouthpiece and pin it to the monkey. Slipstitch the mouth in place, leaving some space unstitched at the end. Stuff the mouthpiece and slip stitch the remaining part of the seam closed.

  9. Add the face

    Sew on two buttons to make eyes. Use embroidery thread to create a nose and a mouth.