How Do You Make a Snowman's Hat?


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To make a hat for a snowman, glue black felt around a coffee can, and use cardboard to create the rim of the hat. You need a coffee can, cardboard, glue and black felt. The entire process can take up to one hour.

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  1. Create the brim of the hat

    Remove the lid and any labels from the coffee can. Trace the bottom of the coffee can onto the cardboard. Measure four inches from the first circle, and draw another circle. Cut out the larger circle, and set the smaller cardboard circle to the side. Use the large cardboard circle as a stencil to cut out two circles from the black felt, and glue the felt onto both the front and back of the cardboard circle.

  2. Create the base of the hat

    Measure the width and height of the coffee can, and subtract two inches from the height measurement. Use the measurements to cut an oval shape from the black felt. Glue the felt around the coffee can so that the felt is even with the bottom of the can, and stops two inches before the top of the can.

  3. Attach the brim of the hat

    From the top of the coffee can, push the cardboard brim down so the felt connects with the felt around the base. Use the small cardboard circle as a stencil to cut out another piece of felt. Glue the piece of felt to the bottom of the coffee can.

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