How Do You Make Snow Sculptures?


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To make a snow sculpture, form blocks by packing snow into boxes, stack the blocks, and sculpt the snow with kitchen utensils. Snow sculptures generally take about two hours to make. The required supplies are warm clothing, gloves, sturdy boxes in several sizes, spoons, knives, a spatula, barbecue skewers, water and a plastic spray bottle.

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  1. Prepare the supplies

    Put on warm clothing and insulated gloves. Bring all of the supplies outside except for the spray bottle, and set them in the area where you wish to make the snow sculpture.

  2. Mold the snow blocks

    Pack the boxes full of snow, compressing it with your hands as you work. Make each block as dense as possible. Form as many blocks as you desire. Invert the boxes to release the blocks. To reduce breakage, unmold the blocks at the sculpture site. Do not attempt to carry or move the blocks after you position them.

  3. Fill the spray bottle

    Fill the spray bottle with cold water, and bring it outside.

  4. Sculpt and carve the blocks

    Sculpt the stacked snow blocks with spoons, spatulas and other kitchen utensils. Contour and carve surface details with knives and barbecue skewers, and create smooth surfaces by misting the snow with water before scraping and shaping it.

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