How Do You Make a Slipcover for a Double Papasan Cushion?


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To sew a slipcover for a double papasan cushion, cut the fabric to fit around the cushion with extra material on all the sides to accommodate the cushion's depth. Sew around most of the circumference, leaving an opening so the cushion can be put inside. Add hook-and-loop tape to the opening to allow the cover to be removed and laundered.

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  1. Measure the double papasan cushion

    The standard size of a double papasan cushion is 70 inches by 52 inches, and they are 4 inches deep. Measure to be certain that your cushion is that size.

  2. Purchase material to fit around the cushion

    Choose a durable, washable fabric in a 60-inch width. For a cushion 70 inches long, purchase 4 1/4 yards of fabric.

  3. Lay the fabric on the floor

    Fold the fabric in half. Lay it on a large, flat surface. Pin it in several places to keep it from shifting around. Center the cushion on the fabric. Pull the fabric smooth again if it shifted at all.

  4. Draw a cutting line on the fabric

    Using a fabric marker or chalk, draw a line 3 1/2 inches outside the circumference of the cushion. Use a piece of stiff cardstock or a measuring stick to get the measurement correct.

  5. Cut the fabric

    Cut the fabric carefully with fabric scissors. Keep the two fabric layers aligned with each other.

  6. Pin the fabric edges

    Pin all the cut edges. Leave an opening along one of the long, straight edges large enough for the cushion to fit through.

  7. Sew the fabric together

    Sew the two fabric pieces together with a 5/8-inch seam allowance. If desired, go over the seam again with a zigzag stitch to add durability.

  8. Add hook-and-loop tape to the opening

    Turn the cover right-side out. Fold in the edges of the opening. Attach strips of hook-and-loop tape along the edges of the opening, and sew it into place.

  9. Put the cushion into the cover

    Put the cushion into the completed cover and smooth it into place. Fasten the hook-and-loop tape.

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