How Do You Make a Skin for "Minecraft"?


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Make a character skin for the game "Minecraft" by using an online creation tool, such as those found on the sites NovaSkin.me, Wondercraft.net and MinecraftSkins.com, as of 2015. Each site features options to edit a blank "Minecraft" character or start from a temple design and export the final file.

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The process of adding a custom character skin to "Minecraft" begins with the creation of the skin, either in a 3D design program or using an online tool. Many online tools feature a streamlined interface that only contains the necessary options for creating the skin and easy tools for exporting the final product. For example, the skin editor on NovaSkin.me presents a default character skin viewable in a fully three-dimensional format. Through the use of the available painting and erasing tools, you are able to change the skin and see how it looks on an actual character model.

It is possible to design the skin in various ways, as the only limitations are the size of the character and the drawing grid on the surface of the character. Some tools also feature advanced features such as automatic gradients or patterns for hair. Once you finish your design, export the skin as a standalone file, and upload it to your local version of "Minecraft."

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