How Do You Make a Simple Bow for a Wreath?


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To make a simple bow for a wreath, use a wired ribbon of the required length, fold it appropriately to form three folds and secure the folds by using a floral wire piece. Adjust the position and shape of the loops, and snip the ends of the two bow tails appropriately to finish the bow.

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Begin making a simple bow for a wreath by placing the required length of ribbon flat on a suitable surface. Fold the ribbon in thirds, moving from the left to the right direction to form two bigger loops that are uniform in size and one loop that is smaller.

When folding the ribbon, keep some extra length of ribbon on the left side for the bow's tail. Hold the center of the folds, pinch it and twist an 8-inch floral wire piece around it.

Adjust the small loop so that it is centered, and fluff it to give a rounded appearance. Position the two tails of the bow towards the left, and adjust them so that they rest flat. Ensure that the loop at the center lies right between the bow's two tails.

Fluff out the other loops, and cut an upside-down V shape at the ends of the bow's tails to prevent them from fraying.

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