How Do You Make a Simple 1920s Flapper Costume?


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A simple flapper costume consists of a beaded headband, fringed dress, fishnet tights and thick-heeled shoes. A few optional accessories are a long beaded necklace, a feather boa and elbow-length gloves. To complete the look, tightly curl the hair, and use soft makeup colors with dark eye shadow.

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To sew a flapper dress at home, buy a loose fitting, solid colored dress, preferably sleeveless and with a scoop neck. Buy a few yards of fringe in a matching color, and cut it into lengths equal to the circumference of the dress. Then sew the fringe in rows around the dress, sewing completely around from back to front. The rows should be evenly spaced, equal to the length of the fringe.

To make a headband, cut two lengths of elastic cord just shorter than the circumference of the head. String round white beads onto the cords, and tie them off at the end. When the cords are finished, attach a feather clip or brooch onto one side of the beads so that it rests on the side of the head when worn.

To achieve a 1920s makeup look, cover the face, including lips, with foundation. Cover lips with a dark red lipstick and exaggerate the notch on the upper lip. Use a soft pink blush on the cheeks, and use a pencil to make the eyebrows thin and straight. Finally, use a dark eye shadow and eyeliner to accentuate the eyes.

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