How Do You Make Silverware Jewelry?


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To make silverware jewelry, cut the handle of the silverware off. Bracelets and pendants require drilling a hole in at least one end of the handle, while rings can be made by shaping the silverware with a rubber mallet. The process of making jewelry may require several hours.

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  1. Cut the silverware with a jewelry saw

    Measure the handle of the silverware to the desired length, and cut the handle off with a jewelry saw if desired. Spoon rings are typically made using only the handle of the silverware. When making rings, use a size chart to determine the length to cut the handle. File the cut end of the silverware to make it smooth.

  2. Drill holes in the handles

    Use a #55 drill bit to make holes in the silverware. The holes should be large enough to insert the clasps or chain links that are being used to make the jewelry.

  3. Bend the silverware

    Rings, and some bracelets, require bending the handle of the silverware. Use a jewelry bender, or pound the silverware into the desired shape by wrapping the silverware in a towel and shaping it with a rubber mallet. Add chain links, pendants and other adornments as desired.

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