How Do You Make Silk Floral Wreaths?


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Make silk floral wreaths by wiring greenery and silk flowers onto a grapevine wreath base, embroidery hoops or a wire frame. The grapevine wreath and wire frame allow more space to wire the flowers and provide a broader base on which the flowers sit, but embroidery hoops work in a pinch.

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To make a silk floral wreath on a grapevine base, purchase the form at a craft store or twist grapevines into a circular shape and tie them together. If you want the grapevine to match the colors of the flowers, you can spray paint it. Otherwise, select a couple of types of flowers for the wreath with several flowers in each type. Cut the greenery garland into 6-inch pieces, and place the stems in the grapevines, weaving them throughout the wreath. For a more secure fit, use wire or hot glue to attach the greenery to the wreath.

Next, trim the flower stems to 2 inches long, and lay the flowers out in odd number groupings along the wreath. For instance, if you're using carnations, roses and lilies, place carnations in groups of three or five along the wreath, and then repeat the process with the other flowers. Hot glue the flowers onto the wreath. Afterwards, add in greenery or tiny flowers to fill in any empty spaces.

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