How Do You Make Silicone Candle Molds?

How Do You Make Silicone Candle Molds?

To make a silicone mold for candles, prepare a model, pour the rubber silicone, allow it to cure and remove the model. Making the mold takes roughly one hour plus curing time and requires an acrylic tube, wooden dowel, paint brush, box cutter, aluminum foil, hot glue, soft paste wax and rubber silicone.

  1. Prepare the aluminum foil

    Cut a piece of aluminum foil so that it is 16 inches by 12 inches. Fold the foil into quarters.

  2. Attach the dowel

    Apply hot glue to the bottom of the wooden dowel. Center the dowel on the foil, and press until it fully adheres.

  3. Seal the dowel

    Use a paint brush to apply an even layer of soft paste wax to the top and sides of the dowel.

  4. Glue the acrylic model tube

    Place the tube over the dowel so it is centered. Apply hot glue around the rim of the tube so that it is sealed to the aluminum foil. This prevents liquid rubber from seeping under.

  5. Mix the rubber silicone

    Follow the manufacturer's instructions for mixing the rubber silicone. Use the double-mix method, meaning mix it thoroughly in one container, transfer it to a second container and mix again. The rubber should show uniform coloration.

  6. Pour the rubber silicone

    Use a thin, even stream to pour the rubber silicone into the tube. Make sure it flows around the dowel. Continue pouring until the rubber silicone fills the tube and overflows by one-half inch.

  7. Let the silicone set

    Wait a minimum of six hours for the silicone rubber to cure.

  8. Cut the mold out

    Remove the foil. Use a box cutter to carefully cut the tube from top to bottom. Peel this away.

  9. Finish the mold

    Remove the dowel from the center of the silicone mold. Use the box cutter to remove the excess rubber silicone from the rim.