How Do You Make Show Boxes?


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To make a show box, find a frame that has deep sides and remove all packaging from the frame, including cardboard or pressboard on the back of the frame. Measure the frame, and cut out four pieces of balsa wood to fit inside the frame.

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The balsa wood pieces must be 1/8 inch shallower than the frame sides. Make the width pieces of the balsa wood slightly shorter than the frame so they fit inside the length pieces. Attach the wood to the frame with double-sided tape. Start with the longer pieces, then slide the width pieces into place.

Measure the inside of the frame to calculate what size the backing paper must be. Cut the paper, and use craft glue or spray adhesive to secure the paper to the frame. Once the paper is in place and secure, begin to arrange the objects and pictures onto the paper with craft glue or pins. When using pins, secure a piece of thin foam behind the paper so the pins stay put. Allow all of the glue to dry for a few hours.

Take the frame's original backing and slide it back into place. Take a strong tape, such as duct tape, framer's tape or packing tape, and secure the backing to the frame. If there is not a notch or wire on the backing to use to hang the frame, attach a wide ribbon or wiring to the back. It must be strong enough to hold the frame and its contents.

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