How Do You Make Shadow Puppets?


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Shadow puppets are created when figures are held between a light source such as a light bulb, campfire or flashlight and a blank wall or white screen. The closer the figure is to the light source, the larger the shadow puppet appears. Shadow puppets are commonly made with the use of a person's hands, but more detailed and intricate shadow puppet figures can be built using cardboard and basic supplies.

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To build your own shadow puppet figures, start by choosing your favorite animals or cartoons, or come up with your own unique character designs. Next, draw outlines for the shadow puppets on pieces of cardboard, and carefully cut them out. Attach skewers to the back of the puppets with sellotape. Turn off all of the lights, close the curtains, and place a lamp on a table or the floor. Turn on the lamp, and place your shadow puppet between the light and a blank wall or screen to put on a puppet show for family or friends.

Common shadow puppet animals that can be made using only your hands include a dove, a dog, a goat, a rabbit, a deer, a turtle, a bulldog, a pig, a camel, a goose and an elephant.

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