How Do You Make Shadow Boxes?


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Make a shadow box by first determining how deep you want it to be, buying an appropriately-sized frame, and then building a box around it. First, remove the frame backing and glass, and then use hot glue to attach the glass onto the frame so that it doesn't come out.

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Set the frame aside, and build a shallow box the height and length of the frame. For instance, for a 16-inch by 14-inch frame, you need two 1-by-4-inch pieces of wood cut to 16 inches and two cut to 12 inches. The top and bottom are shorter than those of the frame because they fit between the 1-inch thick side pieces. Glue or screw the side pieces together, and then cut a piece of foam board to fit over the back. Attach it as well with the glue.

Paint or stain the box to taste, and add in any necessary hooks or shelves. Place the picture frame over the top of the shadow box. Purchase two small hinges and place them opened up on the left of the frame so that the box lid opens. Place the hinge's two screw holes on the frame, the hinge at the line where the box and frame meets, and the other two holes on the box. Screw in the hinges.

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