How Do You Make a Sewing Extension Table?


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To make a sewing extension table, trace a template of the sewing machine's free arm, and trace it onto an 18-by-24-by-1/2-inch piece of Plexiglas. Cut out the pattern, and then place the Plexiglas next to the free arm. Measure from the bottom of the Plexiglas to the table holding the sewing machine. Use that measurement to purchase wooden legs for the table. Attach them to the Plexiglas, and move the table next to the sewing machine.

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When cutting the pattern of the free arm out of the Plexiglas, use a scroll saw. If one is not available, draw the template before purchasing the Plexiglas. Trace the pattern in the store, and ask one of the attendants to cut it out.

Proper table legs are not necessary for a sewing extension table. Carefully measured and cut pieces of 2-by-2 blocks of wood, as well as individual wooden blocks stacked to the necessary height and secured, can serve as adequate table legs. Purchase enough wood for five legs, and use mounting tape to stick one to each corner of the Plexiglas. For extra support, mount the fifth leg in the center of the table. The extension table should be placed flush against the sewing machine's table to provide adequate room for large pieces of fabric.

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