How Do You Make a No-Sew Fleece Throw?


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To make a no-sew fleece blanket, select approximately 2 yards of two different kinds of fleece patterns. Lay the fleece on a flat surface, such as the floor or a large table, and line the fleece up from end to end with the softest part of the fleece facing outward. Trim the edges of the fleece if necessary to align the two pieces together, and then start cutting strips into the fabric using scissors or a rotary cutter.

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Before cutting the fabric, first determine how long the strips of fabric should be, allowing enough so that you can tie the strips together. Cutting against the nap, or the narrow end of the fabric, typically requires longer strips of fabric, approximately 4 to 5 inch cuts, whereas the longer sides of the fabric require approximately 2 to 3 inch strips cut into the fabric. This is because the material of the nap is less stretchy than the longer sides. Make sure to cut both pieces of fleece at the same time.

When cutting the fabric, start by cutting a rectangular piece out of each corner of the fleece using a ruler or a card pre-cut to the predetermined measurements. Use scissors or a rotary cutter to cut approximately 1 inch thick strips into the fleece, using the rectangular piece cut out of the corners as a rough measurement to know when to stop cutting. Tie the two pieces of fleece together at each strip, smoothing out the fleece as you go.

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