How Do You Make a No-Sew Fleece Blanket With Fringe?


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To create a no-sew fleece blanket with fringe, determine the dimensions of the blanket, trim two pieces of fleece fabric to the same dimensions, cut vertical notches at even intervals around the edges of the fabric to form fringe, and knot the fringe from the top and bottom layers together around the blanket's borders. This project requires approximately 4 yards of fleece, a rotary cutter or pair of scissors, a marking pencil and a tape measure.

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To complete a kid-friendly fleece blanket project, determine the dimensions of the project with a tape measure, and then place one piece of fabric on a large, flat cutting surface, and smooth out any wrinkles. Lay the fabric for the front of the blanket on top of the first, with the right side facing up, and smooth. Measure the edges of the blanket, keeping in mind that the finished blanket will be 6 to 8 inches smaller when completed, and mark with pencil. Mark a square the length of the fringe in each corner, and trim along the penciled lines.

Mark the fringe at approximately 1-inch intervals, and measure it so that the fringe is 4.5 inches deep. Cut the fringe with scissors, making sure that both layers of fabric are cut together. Alternatively, place painter's tape along the fabric as a handy guide for cutting the fringe. Knot the top and bottom fringe together to join the two layers of fabric.

To create a braided border for the blanket, fold the fringe in half, cut a small slit in the center, and use a bent paper clip to pull one fringe piece through the next. Select contrasting colors for the different sides of the blanket, or use a printed material on one side.

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