How Do You Make a Secret Door in "Minecraft"?

How Do You Make a Secret Door in "Minecraft"?

Create a simple secret door in the PC version of "Minecraft" by making a hole large enough to fit a door, and then cover the entrance with a painting. You may need to place the painting on the doorway a few times before it fits perfectly.

  1. Make the doorway

    Hollow out the space for your doorway that measures two blocks total. You can keep this space completely open, or put an actual door in it to keep unwanted visitors out of your space.

  2. Craft the painting

    Place a piece of wool in the center of your crafting table, and then surround the wool with eight wooden planks of any variety. The color of the wool does not matter.

  3. Make the proper doorway

    The most important step to this process is to put a solid block at the bottom part of your doorway, and then hang a sign in the top section. This anchors the painting properly for the correct fit, and it still lets you walk through the opening unimpeded.

  4. Place the painting

    Put the painting in your hand then right-click on the lower, left-hand block of the doorway. The painting should custom-fit the space, but it may take several tries to do so.

  5. Walk on through

    Strut through the secret doorway, hopefully without anyone noticing. Secret doorways allow you to protect your property from other players in multiplayer mode.