How Do You Make Sea Glass?


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To make sea glass, break up glass into pieces, and then smooth the surface with a rock tumbler or etching acid. You can drill holes in the glass pieces to use them for jewelry or other craft projects.

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  1. Gather the supplies

    Purchase sheets of stained glass, or collect different types of glass bottles. Acquire etching acid or a rock tumbler to smooth the surface.

  2. Cut or break the glass

    Use a glass cutter to cut the sheets of glass, or cover it in newspaper, and use a hammer to break it up. The hammer method can also be used to break up the bottles.

  3. Sand the sharp edges

    To remove particularly sharp edges, smooth the edges of the glass pieces with a glass grinder.

  4. Drill the holes

    If you are using the sea glass for jewelry, drill holes into each piece.

  5. Smooth the surface

    To create the look of sea glass, tumble the glass with sand and water in a rock tumbler until the desired smoothness is achieved. Once tumbled, rinse the glass pieces in water. Instead of or in addition to tumbling, you can dip the glass pieces in etching acid. Etching solution, available at most craft stores, gives the glass a satiny finish.

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