How Do You Make Scroll Saw Patterns?

How Do You Make Scroll Saw Patterns?

To make a scroll saw pattern with Adobe Photoshop, import the reference image, convert it to grayscale, crop it, remove the background, increase the brightness and contrast, apply the poster edges filter, clean the image, and print it. The required supplies include a photograph and Adobe Photoshop.

Open Adobe Photoshop, create a blank file, and import your reference image. Open the Image menu, select Mode, and click the Grayscale option. Crop the image to isolate the subject as much as possible. Choose a large round brush from the brush palette, set the brush color to white, and paint over the image background. Use a smaller brushes as necessary to remove all of the background without erasing the subject.

Open the image menu, and select Adjustments. Adjust the brightness and contrast in small increments until the image is very bright, but its details remain visible. When you feel satisfied with the brightness, increase the highlights. This brightens the lightest areas of the image.

Open the filter menu, select the Artistic option, and activate the poster edges filter. This filter has three adjustable characteristics. Set the posterization value to 2, and do not modify the other options.

Return to the brightness and contrast controls. Increase the contrast until the dark parts of the image are heavy and black, and the gray areas appear grainy. Use brushes to paint over the gray areas. Use white on the light gray sections and black on the shadows. When you are satisfied with the pattern, save and print the file.