How Do You Make a Scoubidou?


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Every scoubidou starts with tying several strands of scoubi string together, many times using clear scoubi string to prevent hindrance of the design. There are several different ways to make a scoubidou, depending on the stitch the person wants to use and the item he wants to make.

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The material used to make a scoubidou is called scoubi string. It is a flat or tubular plastic cut into a thread, and it comes in many colors. There are several stitches, including the Chinese stitch, circle stitch and square stitch, that can be tied into several knots to create a scoubidou.

Once the strands are securely tied together and a particular stitch is chosen, perform the stitch over and over, continuing to build on the creation until the desired length is attained. Once the desired length is reached, tie and pull the last stitch tightly to complete the work, and clip the excess scoubi string. The scoubidou can be attached to keys to make a key chain, tied around the wrist to make a bracelet or attached to a badge and fastened around the neck to make a lanyard.

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