How Do You Make Scented Paper?

How Do You Make Scented Paper?

Make scented paper by dipping it in a solution of color and scented shaving cream. The actual process takes only a few minutes, although you need to allow the paper to dry completely before using it. You need paper, shaving cream, a spatula, water, food coloring, a shallow pan, an iron and paper towels.

  1. Prepare the shaving cream solution

    Lay the shallow pan on a flat surface. Spray scented shaving cream on the bottom of the pan, and even it out using a spatula. Make sure that you only have a thin layer.

  2. Add color

    If you want to add color to your paper, add dots of food coloring to the shaving cream layer. Drag the edge of the spatula through the food coloring to make wavy lines and patterns. Avoid blending the colors completely together.

  3. Add the paper

    Once everything is prepared, carefully lay a piece of paper on the colored shaving cream. Make sure that all parts of the paper touch the shaving cream.

  4. Remove the paper

    Remove the paper from the pan. Gently blot off the shaving cream, being careful not to wipe too vigorously at the paper, which can cause the colors to run. Allow the paper to dry completely.

  5. Iron the paper

    If the paper curls during the drying period, iron it on low heat for a few seconds.