How Do You Make a Scavenger Hunt Answer Key?


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Make an answer key for a scavenger hunt by creating a separate list that includes the answers to the questions presented to the hunt participants. An answer key is only necessary if the items list includes riddles. The key should include both the riddles and the answers.

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A scavenger hunt is a game that includes several players or teams of players searching for a series of items on a list. It varies from other similar types of games, such as a treasure hunt, in that each item includes a single clue rather than a series of clues to reach one item. The most common way to create the list of items for a scavenger hunt is either to make a straightforward list of the different items requested or to design riddles that the players must solve to find each item.

If the hunt includes a series of riddles to find each item, then it may be necessary to create an answer key. This key needs contain each riddle given to the players along with the answer to that riddle. Keeping the answer and the riddle together makes it possible to keep track of all the riddles leading to the necessary items to complete the hunt.

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