How Do You Make a Scarf With Red Heart Sashay Yarn?


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Make a scarf with Red Heart Sashay yarn by stretching the yarn open and knitting or crocheting the edge of the yarn, creating a ruffled scarf. You can also knit or crochet the whole yarn with a 15 mm or larger needle or hook.

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The Red Heart Sashay yarn stretches into mesh. The edges of the ribbon have smaller holes to work in, and the working edge does not contain metallic thread. One ball of yarn is enough to make a small scarf.

For knitting, insert the needle into the first row of holes in the ribbon, and knit in ever other hole in the row. Cast on six stitches several inches from the end, and knit six stitches across each row. For crochet, insert the hook into the second row of holes in the ribbon and create chain stitch in every second or third hole in the row. Varying the number of holes between stitches will change the size of the ruffle created by each stitch. Create six chain stitches in the first row, and mark the first and fifth stitches with stitch markers.

Next, turn the project and single crochet into the second chain in the row. Single crochet across the row, chain one, turn the project, and single crochet across the new row. Continue to single crochet until a few inches of yarn are left. You can secure the end of the yarn by folding it over and casting on or chaining together both loops in the fold.

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