How Do You Make a Sashay Scarf?


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To make a sashay scarf, unroll the yarn, and cut it in half. Using one half of the yarn, place one loop of the yarn over each of your four fingers. Place a second loop of yarn over each finger, and pull the bottom loop up over the top loop. Continue using this method for two rows. After two rows, skip a loop between each finger, and continue until the scarf is complete. Knot the end of the scarf.

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Skip several loops at the beginning of the yarn, and knot the yarn together to secure the scarf after it is complete. To knot the beginning and end of the scarf together, split the yarn up the center, and tie the two ends together.

To crochet a sashay scarf, lay the sashay yarn on a flat surface, and locate the top of the material. Working along the top, fold the end of the yarn over to hide the raw edge, and place nine loops from the second row of loops over the crochet hook.

Skip one loop, insert the hook in the next loop, and pull the last loop through the first nine loops. Continue using this method until the scarf is complete, and knot the end of the scarf to secure it.

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