How Do You Make a Safety Pin Bracelet?

How Do You Make a Safety Pin Bracelet?

To make a safety pin bracelet, thread colorful beads onto the points of about 100 safety pins. Thread an elastic cord through the top and bottom holes of each pin, and tie off the ends.

  1. Add beads to safety pins

    Open a safety pin, and insert a row of beads onto the pointy edge, leaving enough space to close the pin. Put a small dot of glue on the pin point. Close the pin, and set it aside to dry. Repeat the process with approximately 100 pins. Use the same bead colors for a sophisticated look, or alternate colors for a more festive bracelet.

  2. String the beaded pins

    Cut a length of elastic cord that is approximately 5 inches longer than the circumference of your wrist. Insert one end of the cord through the hole in the top of your first pin, and tie a loose knot to keep it in place. Put a bead on the cord to act as a spacer, then add another pin, this time running the cord through the bottom hole. Continue alternating pins and beads until the bracelet is the correct length. Tie a loose knot on the end of the cord to prevent the pins from sliding off. Repeat the process on the other ends of the pins.

  3. Fit and tie off the bracelet

    Untie the loose knots on both sides of your bracelet. Tie the two ends of the elastic cords together at the top and bottom, making sure the knots are tight.