How Do You Make a Rubik's Cube?


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You can make a Rubik's cube out of different materials, including wood, plastic and metal. The website DesignYourCube.com allows users to customize their own cubes or to choose a cube from a pre-made pattern. You can also use Photoshop or another image editing program to design a unique cube.

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How Do You Make a Rubik's Cube?
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To make a wooden Rubik's cube, you need a Rubik's cube, 23 small wooden cubes, sandpaper, lexan tiles and glue. You will also need a number of tools, including a dremel, a drill and a small saw. Wear safety glasses to prevent eye damage from splinters. First, remove the layers of the Rubik's cube, and mark off the spaces where you will replace the plastic blocks with wooden ones.

Make a corner piece by cutting and fitting one of the small wooden cubes to the plastic surface of the Rubik's cube. Fit three more corner pieces to the plastic, and secure them with glue; do the same for the edge pieces. Build the core of the puzzle by sanding down a wooden block and fitting it onto the plastic core platform. Finish the puzzle by staining the wooden blocks or applying pre-made tiles.

To make a personalized Rubik's cube using Photoshop software, obtain a Rubik's cube, self-adhesive lamination sheets, a sharp knife and double-sided tape. Download and open a Rubik's cube template in Photoshop. Choose an image or photograph for your cube, and upload it into Photoshop. Drag, resize and trim your image over the Rubik's cube template. Print out six images; trim and laminate them before attaching them to the surface of the cube.

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