How Do You Make Rubber Bracelets?

How Do You Make Rubber Bracelets?

Make rubber bracelets by twisting small rubber bands around two pencils and alternating with bands of different colors until the bracelet is of the desired length. Attach plastic “c” clips to the ends of the bracelet for closures.

  1. Create a figure eight

    Take three rubber bands of the same color, and twist them around two pencils to create a figure eight. Make the bracelet using bands of three different colors, or make one using bands of assorted colors.

  2. Add more bands

    Next, slip three bands of the next color on the pencils without twisting them. Pull the first set of bands over the top of each side of the pencil. Repeat the process on the other side.

  3. Weave in the third color

    Add bands of the third color and pull them through the bands already on the pencils. Keep introducing bands of alternating colors until the bracelet is of the desired length.

  4. Attach the clamp

    Fix the plastic clamp to the bottom end of the bracelet. Ensure that all three bands are attached to the clamp.

  5. Complete the bracelet

    Remove the bands from the pencils. Pull the ends of the bands apart. Take one free side of the band, and push it through the other side. Hold the ends tightly. Finish by attaching the looped end to the clasp.