How Do You Make a Rubber Band Ball?


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Make a rubber band ball by wrapping rubber bands around an aluminum foil ball. This takes only a few minutes to do depending on the size of the ball. You need rubber bands and aluminum foil.

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  1. Get rubber bands

    For your rubber band ball, try to use the same type of rubber bands. You can use the same color of rubber bands, or opt for a brightly colored ball and use several different colors such as red, blue, orange and green.

  2. Make an aluminum foil ball

    Take a sheet of aluminum, and roil it into a small, compact ball. This is the base upon which you wrap the rubber bands.

  3. Add the rubber bands

    Once you have your aluminum foil base, start wrapping rubber bands around it. You need to wrap many of the rubber bands multiple times around the ball. Alternate between different colors of rubber bands. When adding rubber bands, make sure to progress steadily around the ball so that it retains a round shape.

  4. Know when to stop adding rubber bands

    Continue wrapping rubber bands around the ball until it is the size you want. If you do not have a set size, be aware that at a certain point the same type of rubber bands cannot stretch around the ball.

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