How Do You Make a Rotation Chart for a Progressive Euchre Tournament?


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To make a rotation chart for a progressive Euchre tournament, determine the number of players in the tournament, which is ideally a multiple of four. On a piece of paper or on spreadsheet software, such as Excel, fill a column with a line for each player minus one. For example, if there are 16 players, make 15 lines. Label this column "Game."

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Each player has a partner for each game, so to determine the number of tables required for a tournament, divide the number of players by four. For example, 16 players means four tables. On the rotation chart, make a column for each table, and label the columns, such as "Table 1," "Table 2," "Table 3" and "Table 4."

If using paper, you can draw horizontal lines to separate the Game column and each Table column and vertical lines to separate each Game line. In each cell created, such as Game 2 and Table 2, choose two numbers from one to the number of players, then write "versus," and choose two more numbers. For example, write "one and 12 versus three and 14" in one cell and then "two and 13 versus four and 15" in the column next to that one. Each row must use all the numbers from one to the number of players, and use each number only once.

When making the chart, attempt to partner players together only once. After each Table column, add a Score column to keep track of each player's performance. Each player should have a copy of the rotation chart that he can use to write down his score after each game. If the number of players is not a multiple of four, at least one player has a bye each round during which he does not play.

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