How Do You Make a Rose Out of Paper?

How Do You Make a Rose Out of Paper?

To make a rose from paper, cut a circle into a spiral shape, roll the spirals around each other and glue the rolls to the inner portion of the spiral. This technique works with papers that are thin enough to roll, including book pages and scrapbook paper.

  1. Cut a circle

    Cut a circle of any size from your paper of choice. The larger the circle is, the larger the rose it creates. The circle can have rough edges and does not have to be exact. Use a glass or other round shape as a template, if needed.

  2. Draw and cut a spiral

    Start at the circle's center, and draw a line that spirals around the circle, creating concentric rings that are roughly the same diameter. Leave a circle that is about the size of a quarter in the middle of the paper, and end the spiral by running the pencil off the edge of the circle. Start cutting at the circle's edge, and cut along the drawn line, leaving the center medallion attached to the spiral.

  3. Roll the spiral

    Start rolling the paper at the edge of the spiral where you made the first cut. Roll the paper tightly between your fingers, and stop when you reach the center circle. Do not roll the center circle.

  4. Glue the paper

    Open your fingers slightly to let the rolled paper expand into a rose shape. Adjust the rolls so the middle of the rose is tight and the outer rolls are looser. Apply a dab of hot glue to the center of the circle, and press the base of the rolls into the glue to secure them.