How to Make a Rosary Bracelet?

To make a rosary bracelet, choose your beads, pick a clasp style, cut the memory wire, add the beads, create end loops with the clasps and affix the crucifix to complete the bracelet. Rosary bracelets can be customized by using different bead sizes, adding bead spacers and adding chain links between the beads.

  1. Select the beads

    Choose beads to represent the overall aesthetic of your bracelet. Beads ranges in various sizes and colors. Consider a pattern when selecting your beads.

  2. Select the clasp

    Depending on the style you want, choose a clasp style to secure the bracelet. Flat lobster, hook and eye, and barrel magnet closures work well with rosary bracelets.

  3. Cut the wire

    Measure the memory wire by coil, and cut with memory wire shears to the appropriate length. Four to five coils is an average length for rosary bracelets.

  4. Close one end of the bracelet

    Bend a 1/2 inch of the wire's end to a 90-degree angle using flat nose pliers. Grip the wire, and slowly form a loop with the pliers.

  5. String the beads

    String the beads onto the wire.

  6. Create an end loop

    After the beads, create another end loop using flat nose pliers. Cut off any excess wire from both ends.

  7. Add the clasp

    Add the clasp to the end loops with pliers.

  8. Affix the crucifix to the bracelet

    Using pliers, attach the crucifix to the end loop with a jump ring.