How Do You Make a Roller Coaster Model With Inexpensive Materials?

A model of a roller coaster can be made using foam, cardboard or vinyl tubing for the tracks and marbles or ball bearings for the cars. Slopes can be made using items around the house, such as staircases and furniture or stacks of books. Building a model roller coaster is a great way to test one's knowledge of physics.

Building a model roller coaster also requires some kind of adhesive, such as tape, glue, clay or staples.

Step 1: Match cars to tracks

Before starting on construction, ensure that the marbles, ball bearings or other spherical objects fit the tracks. Vinyl tubing is perhaps the easiest track material to manipulate, but only very small objects, such as BBs, can fit through it.

Step 2: Construct the track

Attach track pieces together with the chosen adhesive material, keeping in mind how the spherical cars will move along them. There should be no cracks or seems that could serve as obstacles and, if using cardboard, it will probably be necessary to attach or fold up the sides to keep the cars from escaping.

Construct hills

Using furniture, books, wood blocks or other items, create hills for the tracks to climb over. Remember that the first hill should be the tallest in order to allow the cars to gather enough momentum to climb subsequent hills.