How Do You Make Rolled Paper Beads for Necklaces?


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Rolled paper beads for necklaces and other jewellery are made by rolling strips of paper into tight bead shapes while keeping an opening in the middle for a string to pass through. They are very simple to make and require very few materials.

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Any type of durable paper, such as wrapping paper and pages torn from magazines, can be used to make paper beads. After selecting the paper, measure the strips of paper by creating a mark 3 centimeters from the edge of the paper at one end and drawing a line to the other end of the paper that creates a wedge shape. The finished triangle should be 2 inches wide at one end of the paper and taper to a point at the other. Now make another mark 2 inches away from the point of the last triangle and draw a line from this point to the other end of the paper, again tapering the wedge shape so it transitions from a width of 2 inches at one end to a point at the other. Repeat this process until the paper has been filled.

Next, cut the paper out on the lines. After cutting out the triangles, roll each, one at a time, onto a kebab skewer, starting at the widest end of the paper and rolling until only an inch is left. Apply glue to the remaining inch, and secure to the bead. Next, cover the entire bead in a sealing product such as Mod Podge. Clear nail polish can also be used. Place the bead in a safe place to dry, and remove from the skewer when completely dry.

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