How Do You Make a Rocket in Minecraft?

How Do You Make a Rocket in Minecraft?

Create the simplest version of a fireworks rocket in the PC version of "Minecraft" by combining one piece of paper and one gunpowder on a crafting table. Add more gunpowder to make the rocket go higher, and craft the rocket with fireworks stars to create color displays.

  1. Obtain paper

    Obtain paper from sugar cane found wild or farmed in the game. Place three blocks of sugar cane in the middle column of a crafting table to make three sheets of paper.

  2. Find gunpowder

    Locate gunpowder inside chests within underground dungeons. Kill creepers and ghasts, as these creatures drop gunpowder after you destroy them.

  3. Create colorful fireworks stars

    Craft fireworks stars with gunpowder, colored dye and special effects objects. Place gunpowder in the crafting table adjacent to any colored dye for colored fireworks. Put special effects objects such as diamonds, gold dust, feathers and mob heads in one of the adjacent, empty crafting spaces.

  4. Make the fireworks rocket

    Craft the fireworks rocket on your crafting table by combining gunpowder, one piece of paper and fireworks stars. Use as much as three slots for gunpowder. If you fill just one space with gunpowder, you can add up to seven fireworks stars in one rocket. Fireworks stars detonate simultaneously when the rocket reaches its apogee. Your fireworks rocket appears red and white with a fuse coming out of the bottom. Launch fireworks rockets with a dispenser unit.