How Do You Make a Ripple Afghan?


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To make a ripple afghan, first select the yarn and pattern you want to use. If you are a beginner, start with one color of yarn. Add colors after you have become more proficient at crochet.

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You can crochet the ripple stitch pattern using a number of different stitches, including the single stitch, half double stitch and double stitch. Beginners should start with the single crochet stitch. With the single stitch, the point of each ripple has four stitches. Before you begin a large project, create a small swatch to check your work.

In the first row of the pattern, begin with a single crochet stitch in the second chain from the hook. Next, create a chain of four single crochet stitches. Follow this with chains of three and then four stitches, and then skip two chain stitches. Continue this pattern until you come to the end of the chain, where you must skip the extra chain and stitch one into the last chain.

To continue making rows, chain stitch one and turn. For this part of the project, count your stitches up to the ripple point. Count three single crochet stitches up to the point and three down. Skip the next two stitches, and count the side stitches in between the points. When you reach the end of the row, skip to the stitch below. Use a single crochet stitch to connect the two stitches.

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